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Condition surveys

We carry out pre-purchase, pre-dry docking, P&I Club, on/off hire and routine condition surveys on all vessel types. We can assess a vessel for use, conversion or otherwise and can look at a particular aspect of a ship, yacht or rig in detail. Our reports give a thorough and accurate account of condition and detail the specific areas that need attention.

Damage & repair (hull & machinery)

Following collision, grounding, machinery failure, fire or heavy weather we establish the cause and extent of damage. We help with repair estimates, evidence collection, the preparation and issuing of repair tenders and can superintend the processes until completion. We issue final reports that detail and summarise events from the time of damage to the completion of the repair.

Ultrasonic testing

We use the latest approved equipment and perform thorough testing with accurate and informative recording techniques. Any problems discovered are reported to the Owner or Superintendent immediately for quick decisions and minimal additional dock time.


We provide an overview of the vessels condition, an assessment of the current market for the vessel type along with details of comparable vessels to provide a supported and realistic value.

Sea trials

Whether a new build, used purchase, test of repair or assessment for conversion, we perform thorough sea trials noting performance, handling and technical information. We have carried out sea trials on superyachts, various commercial vessels and cruise ships.

Insurance & pre-risk

We carry out pre-risk surveys for underwriters assessing a new instruction or a renewal and we assist throughout the chain when a claim is made, as explained in the Damage & Repair section above.

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